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Instructions before initial use:
1. Unpacking and acceptance: After unpacking the instrument, the user should check all the items against the packing list. Please contact Pubtester within 7 days after receipt of the instrument if there is any missing accessories. Please handle very carefully when unpacking the instrument according to related instructions provided by Pubtester.
2. Debugging: After unpacking the instrument,the user should carefully read the user manual and related instructions, and then carry debugging in required testing environment and conditions including suitable power supply, gas source, operating parameters and operating methods. If there is any question regarding the debugging operations, please contact Pubtester after-sales service center, and then carry out debugging according to the instructions provided.  
3. Daily Operation: Before use, please confirm all conditions including testing environment, power supply, gas supply and other operating parameters meet the requirements. If any questions regarding the operations, please refer to the user manual or contact Pubtester after-sales service center. For more accurate and efficient service, please prepare the following materials before contacting the after-sales service center.
(1)Confirm the product model number from the instrument, user manual or certificate of approval.;
(2)Read the user manual carefully and get the user manual ready before calling the after-sales service
(3)Description of malfunctions e.g. displayed error, running status, time the malfunction occurs and other detailed information

Service Quality

  • Quality Assurance
    Dedicated to improving product performance
    Improve product use value
  • Safety Guarantee
    Please refer to warranty card for the details of aftersales service within quality guarantee period
  • Service Principle
    We provide comprehensive service to our customers with sincerity

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